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Phantom V10 Recon Slow-Mo HD Camera

Phantom V10 Recon Slow-Mo HD Camera
Price: $1,800.00

Equipped with the popular Recon System, the Phantom v10 becomes a powerful high-speed acquisition tool, perfect for HD Television.  The Phantom gives you beautiful slow-motion photography with up to 1000 fps in the popular XDCAM HD422 codec.  There are a variety of format options available, if a different codec is required.  This System’s workflow is optimized for EFP style shooting and keeps a very fast pace.  It is completely untethered, and mobile, so it can be mounted on a tripod, on jib, dolly or shoulder.  Reset time, between shots has been reduced from about 15 minutes down to about 2.5 minutes.  Further, the post-production workflow has been stream-lined, as the Phantom offers immediately playback via QuickTime files.  It is also capable of instant playback for live performances. Most importantly, it produces jaw dropping imagery in ultra slow motion, with the quality Phantom is known for.  Used by NFL Films and Discovery Channel’s Time-Warp series, the Phantom v10 Recon system is now available to all of our clients.  The camera’s excellent color response and high sensitivity make it ideal for sports and industrial photography. Our Phantom V10 Recon camera comes equipped with onboard LCD monitor and feature an HD-SDI feed for monitoring and immediate playback.


  • 1080x1920 up to 500 fps, 720x1280 up to 1,000 fps.
  • Great workflow and picture quality for HD Television.
  • 35mm sensor: PL Mount & B4 Mount compatible
  • ISO rated 500, with 9 stops of latitude.
  • Battery Powered
  • Untethered
  • Completely mobile, can be mounted anywhere
  • Package comes complete with all accessories and choice of lenses.
  • Qualified operators and technicians are available.