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About PAL HD

PAL HD is an award-winning production services company with offices in Los Angeles and New York. PAL HD provides top-professional multi-lingual camera crews and supplies state of the art PAL, Digital Betacam, and HD broadcast equipment, to support broadcasters, production companies and corporations.

In collaboration with our international clients we produce high-profile television content, documentaries, television features, reconstructions, current affairs, actuality, reality television, promos, commercials, and corporate image films.

PAL HD is dedicated to the support of international productions shooting in the United States in the PAL and PAL HD television standard. Our broadcast clients range from BBC, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, PBS, ABC and MTV to ARTE, RTL, ZDF, ARD, WDR, Swiss TV, RAI, and Canal+.

Corporate clients include Fortune 500 companies such as FORD, BMW, IBM, Intel, HP, Nike, Johnson & Johnson as well as Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, SAAB, Maverick Records, NFL, European Commission, and the United Nations.

PAL HD has built a solid reputation for producing compelling high-quality work while maintaining a high level of creative integrity. Our award-winning crews offer bold ideas, creative vision and technical excellence. PAL HD prides itself on providing the best quality full-service production at affordable rates.