Sony DVW-790WSP PAL Digital BETACAM 16:9/4:3 CAMCORDER

Price: $650.00

SONY's DVW-790WSP Digital Betacam camcorder is the updated version of SONY's DVW-700WSP and offers digital acquisition for high-end TV programming, documentary and corporate productions. The DVW790WSP incorporates a switchable 16:9 / 4:3 FIT CCD and features 12-bit Advanced Digital Signal Processing technologly. This camera package is ideal for professionals in need of a high-end standard definition PAL camera, proven to be a real workhorse within the industry.


  • Superb picture and sound quality of Digital BETACAM format
  • 12-bit A/D converter
  • High performance ADSP (Advanced Digital Signal Processing) camcorder
  • Combines digital signal processing camera circuitry with 2/3-inch type 16:9/4:3 widescreen Power HAD 1000 FIT CCD (each with 620,000 picture elements)
  • 40 minutes of recording time on SONY BCT-D40
  • Multi Matrix function for color correction
  • Turbo Gain function
  • Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW) capability
  • TruEye Process for faithful color reproduction
  • Selectable gamma curve for more natural tonal reproduction
  • Color temperature control allows the color balance of a picture to be changed to make it warmer or colder
  • Setup Card system to store setup parameters made via the camera head menu system
  • Variable speed electronic shutter includint innovative clear scan and extended clear scan
  • Playback capability of full color video and audio without an adapter
  • Low power consumption of 32 W